HVAC Zoning Controls & Installation in Birmingham, Childersburg & Surrounding Areas

A multitude of variables — including time of day and position of the sun — can affect the ease of heating or cooling the different rooms of your home. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain consistent comfort in every room. At certain times of day, these influences may affect the same room differently, changing the way your system needs to function for effective climate control. This is where the innovative concept of HVAC zoning comes in. At Skelton’s Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration, we carry these state-of-the-art control systems, and our experts can create a fully customized version of this technology that’s targeted to your home’s unique environment. You will then be able to use the technology’s many powerful features to exert greater control over your home’s indoor climate than you ever have before.

HVAC zoning Birmingham, AL

“Precise Comfort on Demand” via HVAC Zone Controls

This up-to-the-minute technology makes it possible to set up an “intelligent” command center that gives you 24/7 access to “precise comfort on demand.” The system is designed to help you direct just the right amount of heated or cooled air to every room in your home. Through a system of wired sensors, the control center monitors the temperature patterns in every zone, which allows the HVAC zone controls to make the adjustments needed to deliver optimal comfort to each zone.

This technology also allows you to change the amount of heating or cooling that’s sent to each zone either by manually adjusting the thermostat/sensor for that zone or by controlling the system remotely while away from home using your favorite web-enabled device.

Your HVAC Zoning System Installation

Our experienced zoning consultants and installers can help you make this innovative technology an integral part of your heating and air conditioning strategy. First, we research the way you heat and cool your home. Next, we study the physical and climatic conditions that strongly influence that space. And finally, we put it all together, using what we’ve learned to design and install a system of precision HVAC zone controls that’s so closely customized to your needs that it will make your home feel like the oasis of comfort you’ve always wished it could be.

Call us today for further information about this thoroughly modern zoning control solution that’s giving today’s homeowners unprecedented power over the way they heat and cool every room in their Birmingham, Childersburg, Hoover, Pelham, Alabaster, Chelsea, Vestavia Hills, Meadow Brook, AL and the surrounding area homes.

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