Professional Air Duct Cleaning & Repair Services in the Greater Birmingham Area

At Skelton’s Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration, we offer all the air duct services you need. When it comes to making sure your Birmingham area home comfort system can effectively deliver the healthy doses of heated or cooled air it works so hard to condition, our experts are some of the best in their field. From designing and installing your system’s entire air distribution system to keeping your existing air ducts clean and in good repair, our technicians are trained to help you reap the many benefits that properly installed and well-maintained ductwork provides. Because they are committed to delivering quality service, you can breathe easier — both literally and figuratively.

Air Duct Cleaning

Breathe Easier with Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, dust, dirt and other debris can build up inside your system’s ductwork, creating breathability issues and contributing to poor indoor air quality. And while duct cleaning isn’t a service you’ll need every year, it is one that’s wise to invest in every several years. How long you can wait between cleanings depends on a variety of factors.

Some of these include the current quality of your indoor air, the age of your home and your furnace or heat pump, and the structural condition of your ductwork. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your air ducts cleaned — or if you’ve never had them cleaned since buying your home — you might be surprised at how much dirt and dust may be blowing around inside, mixing with the air that will soon be coming through your registers. If your ductwork is in poor condition, it may be allowing excessive dirt inside and could be in need of repair. Fortunately, our skilled technicians can handle either task.

Optimize Your System’s Operation through Air Duct Repair

Your first line of defense against the wasted energy, compromised comfort, and air quality issues your air ducts can cause is to make sure your ductwork is well-connected, well-sealed and in good repair. If you are noticing excessive dust in the air inside your home, experiencing hay-fever-like symptoms, and/or finding your utility bills unexpectedly rising, your ductwork could be the culprit.

Air duct sections can separate, or the ducts themselves could be bent, perforated or otherwise damaged, allowing dust to build up inside. These issues can also compromise the airflow that’s crucial to your system’s operation. If you notice any of the above signs, getting your air ducts inspected, and repaired if needed, is simply a good investment in your family’s comfort.

Get Your New System In & Running with Air Duct Installation

We also offer air duct installation services for your home renovation or new home build. Our experts can design the entire layout of your ductwork for the most efficient use of the space inside your home and the optimal functioning of your heating and cooling system. Our installers will then layout and carefully connect your ductwork to ensure its integrity and your comfort.

Call us today to find out more about the professional air duct installation, cleaning, and repair services we offer for your home in Birmingham, Childersburg, Hoover, Pelham, Alabaster, Chelsea, Vestavia Hills, Meadow Brook, AL and the surrounding area.

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