HVAC maintenance is probably something you don’t think about very often. But don’t take your HVAC for granted. There are several important reasons why you should keep up with routine HVAC inspections and tuneups. Here’s what you can expect if you don’t maintain the HVAC system in your Childersburg, Alabama, home.

Increased Utility Costs

Home heating and cooling costs make up a large percentage of your monthly household costs. An inefficient unit works harder to heat or cool your home to a comfortable temperature, often causing an increase in monthly utility costs. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your unit can help to control these costs. During maintenance visits, the technician will replace defective components and remove dust and debris, all of which can lower energy efficiency.

Expensive Mechanical Problems

The typical HVAC system can be complex, with over 100 different working parts. Routine inspections are necessary to maintain these parts, and maintaining them will extend the life of your system. During a service appointment, your technician will inspect all those working parts and make necessary repairs before minor problems can become major ones that are expensive to fix. Certain issues can even cause damage to your home. For example, clogged air drains can increase the moisture levels in your home, possibly damaging carpets and walls.

Greater Environmental Impact

Because an inefficient HVAC unit uses more energy than one that’s efficient, it also has a greater impact on the environment by depleting more resources and releasing more hot air. Newer units are extremely energy-efficient, but you don’t necessarily have to upgrade your equipment in order to be friendly to the environment. You’ll reduce your environmental footprint just by keeping up with routine maintenance.

Routine HVAC maintenance and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Both your wallet and the environment will appreciate it if you schedule HVAC maintenance appointments twice a year. Call Skelton Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration at (205) 289-3413 today to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment or for any other HVAC needs.

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