You know how crucial your AC system is to your Childersburg, Alabama, home — especially in the hot summer months. But what you might not understand is how your air conditioning system works to achieve a comfortable temperature.

Components of Your AC System

Your AC system is comprised of two main units, an indoor one and an outdoor one. The indoor unit will typically be located in a basement, garage, or closet. The indoor unit contains the evaporator coil. The outdoor unit is usually on the north side of the building and will include the compressor, condenser coil, and fan.

How an AC System Produces and Deliver Conditioned Air

Your AC system will work through multiple steps from the moment it is turned on until you begin receiving cooled air out of your vents. It will:

  • Pull the warm air from the room in through the grill located at the base of the system.
  • Push the air over chiller pipes. The chiller pipes are filled with refrigerant. This process is similar to the way a chiller in a refrigerator would work, by cooling the incoming air and dehumidifying it to remove the excess moisture.
  • The fan at the top will push the air through a vent before it enters the room. The air entering the room is much cooler, so it will begin to cool down the room gradually.
  • During this process, the liquid flowing through the chiller pipes will pick up the passing heat and evaporate it before it pushes the air outside of your home.
  • The hot air will then dissipate outside, and the process will begin again until the desired room temperature is met, and the thermostat signals the system to shut down.

While you can enjoy the benefits of your AC unit without knowing how it works, it can help you understand how problems can occur. If you notice problems with your AC unit, contact us at (205) 289-3413 today. One of our Skelton Heating Cooling, & Refrigeration specialist will determine the problem and get your system up and running again.

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