While the trees and flowers may be beautiful in the south, pollen and other contaminants can build up in your home and cause respiratory problems. A whole house air purifier in your Homewood, Alabama, home will keep your air clean and fresh.

Cleaner Air When Using an Air Purifier

A whole-house purifier filters the air in your home to keep the indoor air quality healthy. Your purifier can help eliminate allergy symptoms by removing allergens like pet dander, dust, and other pollutants in the air. When the cold and flu season hit, your purifier will help reduce the amount of harmful germs in your home thanks to its germicidal capabilities.

An Air Purifier Will Extend Your HVAC System’s Life

A purifier will trap contaminates so they can’t settle into your HVAC system. As your HVAC system works it may collect too much dust, and then it must work harder to keep your home cold or warm. By using a purifier, you’ll not only help your HVAC system run more smoothly, but you’ll also prolong its life, saving you money in the long-run.

Less Dust Everywhere

As soon as you dust, it seems like more gathers on the furniture, your appliances, and book shelves. With a whole house purifier dust accumulates less frequently. The system will trap more dust, leaving less on your furniture. Simply change the filters and keep the ducts clean in your HVAC system and you’ll reap the rewards of a dust-free home.

An Air Purifier Eliminates Odor

The particles that float through the air or accumulate on surfaces carry odors. Whether it’s from cooking last night’s meal or your teen’s smelly gym bag, these odors can quickly build up in your home. Strong smells can also trigger allergy symptoms. A whole-house purifier will filter these particles out of the air and leave your rooms smelling fresh.

Enjoy breathing fresh air every day of the year in your home. Contact one of our indoor air quality experts at Skelton Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration today at (205) 289-3413.

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