If you have a commercial refrigeration system in your Birmingham, Alabama, business, you are probably very aware of how essential proper maintenance is to keep it functioning properly and running for as long as possible. While most maintenance tasks are best left to the professionals, there are a few simple DIY tasks that you can perform yourself to keep your system working as it should.

Check Your Seals

Visually inspect your refrigeration system’s door gaskets regularly to ensure that there are no leaks. Even small leaks can let the conditioned air in the refrigeration unit out and the warm air from the kitchen to seep in. Inspect all sides of the gaskets and note any tears. Clean the gaskets gently with mild soap and water to remove any gunk, particles, or built-up debris.

Inspect the Condenser Coil

Check your condenser coils for build-up as well. You will find them under a cover typically on the top or bottom of your cooler. To remove the cover, you will have to remove the screws and lift it off. Once opened, inspect the fins to see if there is any buildup or damage. If they appear to be dirty or if any of the fins are bent, don’t attempt to fix them yourself. Contact a refrigeration specialist to have them cleaned professionally as part of your maintenance agreement.

Inspect Your Ice Machines

Next, perform a quick visual inspection of your ice machines. All you have to do is remove the cover and look for signs of slimy buildup or other dirt. You’ll need to address any signs of dirt or sludge immediately, so if you see any, contact your service company right away. They will clean it, sanitize it, and make any necessary repairs.

You can keep your commercial refrigeration unit operating for much longer by scheduling regular maintenance. Contact us at (205) 289-3413. One of our Skelton Heating, Cooling, & Refrigeration specialists will get your system running optimally again.

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