Mold, mildew, pet dander, pollen, secondhand smoke, dust mites, and odors all impact your Childersburg, Alabama, home’s indoor air quality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites indoor pollutants among the top five environmental health risks. To clear the indoor air you breathe inside your home, you’ll want to think about air filters, regular HVAC system maintenance, and dehumidifying your home.

Change or Clean Your Furnace Air Filters

The air filters in your furnace work to attract and trap particulates that make their way into your home’s indoor air. But if they’re not changed or cleaned regularly, they won’t be able to filter pollutants from the air. You should generally replace or clean the air filters throughout the year with the change of seasons.

Schedule Regular HVAC System Maintenance

To keep your HVAC system operating properly, have one of our Skelton’s Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration professionals annually inspect, clean, and repair your home’s central heating system (such as furnaces), cooling system, and ventilation system. A well-maintained HVAC system can keep the air in your home the cleanest it can be.

Improve the Ventilation in Your Home

If too little outdoor air enters your home, indoor pollutant levels can increase, potentially causing health problems and discomfort. Signs that your home may not have enough ventilation include condensation forming on walls and windows, foul-smelling air, dirty air conditioning or heating vents, and mold.

If you have an attic, installing an exhaust fan in a gable or the roof can help to draw hot air up and out of your home while allowing cooler air to enter from windows below. Consult a home services professional for assistance with installation.

Dehumidify Your Home

To control humidity levels in your home, operate exhaust fans in places such as kitchens and bathrooms where humidity is likely to build. In basements, an electronic dehumidifier unit may prove useful for removing extra moisture and controlling mustiness and odors.

Skelton’s Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration offers high-quality indoor air quality products and services to Childersburg homeowners. Contact us at (205) 289-3413 to learn how we can help you breathe cleaner, fresher air inside your home.

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