An HVAC system with zoning uses a different thermostat to control the temperature of each area or zone in your Birmingham, Alabama home. That way, you can avoid heating or cooling empty rooms. Some zoning systems use more than one HVAC system or a ductless system with an outdoor unit connected to two or more indoor units. Other systems use dampers in ductwork to direct conditioned air where it’s needed most. HVAC zoning provides increased comfort, convenience, and energy savings for homeowners.


With zoning, you can get rid of warm or drafty areas and let your family members choose the temperatures they prefer for the rooms they use the most. You won’t have to get into any more arguments about how to set your thermostat. Everyone can stay comfortable, no matter what their temperature preferences are.


Most zoning systems come with a variety of convenient features. Many have programmable thermostats that let you schedule temperature changes to save energy and fit your daily routine. You can control these devices with a computer or smartphone, and many have remotes as well. They can also include humidity controls, fan controls, and indoor air quality monitors.

Energy Savings

With zoning, you can save money and energy by lowering your utility bills. An HVAC system with zoning is more expensive than a conventional system, but your investment will pay for itself by reducing your expenses over time. Since a system with zoning won’t need to heat or cool your entire home at once, you can choose a smaller unit. It will also be less prone to breakdowns because it won’t have to work as often or as hard as a standard system.

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