Pollution is prevalent in Childersburg, AL. You breathe contaminated air while walking in the streets, driving in your car, and even relaxing in your home. The level of airborne contaminants is higher in your homes than outside. An air purifier will help you clean your indoor environment in the following ways.

Removes Allergens

Pollen, dust mites and pets can trigger allergic reactions. An air purifier draws the polluted air and passes it through a filtration system to remove all the airborne particles.

The purifier removes the vast majority of the pollutants reducing the risk of you breathing them in. Thus, the air purifier reduces the risk of you suffering from allergies.

Alleviates Asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition affecting many people, and results in more than 10 million missed school days annually for children. Dust, pet dander and tobacco smoke can trigger the inflammation of bronchial tubes. An air purifier offers you the best chance of removing these triggers from your home, reducing the chances of asthma attacks.

Expels External Pollutants

You might feel safe with your windows and doors closed since there are no pervasive elements of external pollution in your home. However, your home is not airtight, and outside dangers may seep into your house.

Particulates such as carbon dioxide are lethal in substantial levels. Air filters are effective in removing such harmful particulates from the atmosphere, leaving your home’s air clean.

Removes Tobacco Smoke

Passive smoking is as harmful as smoking, especially for young lungs. Passive smoking can cause pneumonia, asthma, and heart disease to both young and elderly persons. Air purifiers filter tobacco smoke, reducing these risks.

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