Even if you have a good air conditioner or heat pump, you may have hot and cold spots in your house. Your home is only as comfortable as its least comfortable spaces. If you need help resolving hot and cold spots, we’re here for you.

Ductwork Balancing and Sealing

We often say that the duct system is your home’s weak spot as far as temperature control is concerned. Did you know that the average central air conditioner loses 30 percent of its cooling power to leaks and other issues in the duct system? That’s an energy efficiency issue, of course, but it’s also important to know that those losses are usually not distributed evenly. There may be places in your home that conditioned air just can’t quite reach, leading to hot and cold spots.

The solution is to have your ducts professionally sealed, insulated and balanced. We can test your ducts for proper airflow and visually inspect the insulation to make sure there are no leaks that are creating uncomfortable spots in your home. Our goal is to maximize both energy efficiency and comfort so that you can just relax in your air-conditioned home.

Using Dampers To Control Your HVAC

A damper is just a valve or plate that stops or controls the flow of conditioned air to particular parts of your home. When professionally installed and properly utilized, dampers can give you unmatched control over your air conditioning and comfort. We can help you slow the flow of conditioned air to already very cool rooms allowing more conditioned air to reach those warmer rooms that are typically found at the end of the ductwork run. The upshot is balanced and consistent comfort throughout your house.

These are just a few of the products and services available to help you even out those hot and cold spots to enjoy the cool comfort of every room in your home. To learn more, check out our HVAC solutions or call (205) 289-3413.

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