When you begin to hear noises coming from your furnace, it’s usually a warning sign that something is wrong. It’s important to known which sounds you need to take seriously. Here are three noises that mean your furnace in Sylacauga, AL, is needs attention from an HVAC professional.


Most homeowners who report a banging sound coming from their furnace indicate that it happens when the furnace is first coming on. The banging sound is most commonly an issue with the ignition.

When the ignition system of the furnace begins to malfunction, gas builds up in the combustion chamber. This gas buildup is almost always the source of the banging noise that you hear when you turn on your furnace.


If a banging sound is troubling you when the furnace starts, a rumbling sound when it shuts off is equally as alarming. If your furnace rumbles at the end of the cycle, it can be a sign that fuel is continuing to burn in the combustion chamber although the burners have turned off.

This buildup and continual burning can lead to carbon monoxide leaks. You need to call a professional for furnace repair.


Whistling sounds coming from a furnace means that something is blocking or restricting the flow of air. Depending on what part of the furnace the whistling sound is coming from, it may be something as simple as a dirty filter or something as serious as a damaged damper or vent.

Leaky ducts can also cause whistling sounds. If you hear a whistle, be sure to have your ducts inspected as part of your furnace maintenance.

Whether the noise your furnace is making is new or has been occurring for a while, we can help. Contact our team at Skelton Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration today for dependable heating system maintenance or repairs.

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