Most heating systems last for around 10 or 15 years. However, you can save energy, lower your utility bills, and prevent an inconvenient, uncomfortable breakdown by replacing your unit before it stops working. You can also help the environment by reducing pollution. Here are some efficient heating features you should consider for your Vestavia Hills, Alabama, home. Systems with these functions are a bit more expensive, but the power savings are worth it. They can even increase your house’s value.

Condensing Furnaces

Conventional or single-stage gas furnaces exhaust the hot gases from combustion up a flue. Condensing or two-stage models exhaust these gases more slowly. When they cool and the moisture inside them condenses, they transfer additional heat to your home and save fuel. They can handle corrosive exhaust gases and remove condensed water vapor from your home.

Variable-Speed Air Handlers

The air handler is your HVAC system’s fan. A variable-speed air handler can adjust its speed automatically to match your home’s needs. Many models are connected to programmable or smart thermostats.

Instead of wasting energy by running at high speed or shutting off, a variable-speed unit has several settings. It usually runs at low speed to keep the temperature inside your home constant. Many condensing furnaces also have variable-speed air handlers.

Packaged Systems

A packaged unit is ideal if you want to save space or you’re building a new addition for your home. It’s less expensive to install than most other systems because it comes from the factory in just one casing. You can have a packaged heater placed in your yard or on your roof. Models with air conditioners and heaters are available, or you can choose a packaged heat pump.

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