When AC problems occur in your Birmingham, Alabama, home, it can wreak havoc on your home and lead to problems with the efficiency of your system. Check out some of the most common AC problems you may encounter and what fixing them entails.

The System Fails to Turn On

An obvious sign of a system problem is the AC unit not turning on when the thermostat triggers it. To fix this, you will need to check the circuit breaker. If you don’t see any tripped breakers, then the problem is likely faulty or broken wiring or a bad thermostat. Since electrical issues can require certain safety protocols, you should contact a technician to determine the problem.

Warm Air Is Coming From the Vents

The point of your air conditioning unit is to deliver cold air into the rooms and lower the temperature in your home. So when warm air is coming from your vents, you will fail to get your home to a comfortable temperature. The first thing to check if you notice this problem is to see if your air filter is dirty or clogged and change it if needed. If this is not the problem, the problem could be a frozen evaporator coil or a faulty compressor. In either case, an HVAC technician will need to come in to clean the evaporator coil and get it working again, or they will have to replace the compressor.

Leaking Air Ducts

If the airflow coming out of your vents feels weak, you could have cracks or leaks somewhere in your ductwork. To rectify this problem, an HVAC technician will need to repair or possibly replace any damaged sections and ensure the connections are properly sealed. This will make sure that the air goes in the direction it needs to, helping to improve your system’s efficiency.

If you experience any of the problems above, it is crucial to contact a certified technician to address the problem. Contact us at (205) 289-3413 today. One of our experienced Skelton Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration specialists will diagnose and repair your problem.

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