Machine learning has reached the HVAC world, leading to the creation of smart thermostats. Below, we explain what a smart thermostat is and how hiring an HVAC technician to install one in your Birmingham, AL, home could save you time and money.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

A smart thermostat learns your schedule and temperature preferences from the adjustments you make after you install it. Then, it uses what it has learned to automatically make temperature changes at the usual times for you.

Here are some of the features you can expect from most models:

  • Wi-Fi capability that lets you adjust the temperature from a computer, tablet or smartphone, whether remotely or at home
  • Advice as to the most efficient method of cooling or heating your home
  • Ability to adjust for ambient conditions such as high humidity or a hot spot in your home, like the kitchen

How Does a Smart Thermostat Save You Time?

Instead of needing to walk over to your analog thermostat at various times of day to adjust the air conditioning, a one of these thermostats would make your normal, daily temperature setting adjustments at the usual times for you. That ability makes a it a real time-saver if you currently make lots of trips to the thermostat. You could stay comfortable throughout your day as you attended to more important or enjoyable activities.

Should you want to manually change the temperature setting, you wouldn’t need to get up from your chair and walk to the thermostat if it were a smart one. You wouldn’t even need to be home to change the setting. That’s because a smart thermostat has Wi-Fi capability, which would enable you to adjust the temperature setting remotely using a mobile device.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Save You Money?

With a price tag of more than $200, one of these thermostats is more expensive to buy than a manual thermostat. There’s also the professional installation cost that you would need to figure in.

The idea of having a smart thermostat is to increase the efficiency of temperature regulation so that you would save money in the long run on your energy bills. Whether it would increase the efficiency of temperature regulation depends on your unique situation. It also depends on how often you currently adjust your analog or programmable thermostat.

Several factors greatly impact your HVAC’s energy consumption. To determine whether new thermostat could save you money, consider the following:

  • Your home: Using a smart thermostat in a large house or one with poor insulation would potentially save you a lot of money.
  • Climate: You would benefit the most from a smart thermostat if you live in an area that has hot summers and cold winters, so you expect your HVAC system to be running frequently.
  • Seasonal variations: Consider whether you experience winters that range from mild to extremely cold and summers that range from mild to extremely hot. A smart thermostat will automatically adjust for these ranges in temperature from day to day.
  • The cost of utilities in your area: Your utility company may offer a rebate for upgrading your thermostat to a Wifi thermostat.
  • Your current energy usage: If you set the temperature on your home’s thermostat twice yearly and don’t bother to change the temperature daily when you go to work or to bed, you would benefit from having a Wifi thermostat. It makes intelligent adjustments for you to save energy when you’re asleep or away from home.

If you think that installing a smart thermostat in your home would be a wise thing to do, contact Skelton’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule an installation of your smart thermostat.

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