During the summer months in Birmingham, Alabama, the need for a functional air conditioning system is at an all-time high. With hot temperatures and high humidity levels, your home’s AC maintains a comfortable atmosphere while keeping the indoor moisture under control. If you’re in need of a new air conditioner, consider upgrading before the summer hits to take advantage of a number of appealing benefits.

No More Warning Signs

When your air conditioner needs attention, it it will typically exhibit warning signs. Common warning signs of AC trouble include a lack of cool air coming through the vents, weak airflow, moisture in or around the unit, thermostat issues, bad odors, or strange noises. These signs can all indicate a need for impending replacement. Continuing to run your system could be dangerous. The age of your system should also be a factor in whether you want to upgrade. Most air conditioner manufacturers recommend replacement of the HVAC every 10–15 years.

When you upgrade your home’s air conditioning system, you don’t have to worry about these warning signs anymore. Instead, you can simply adjust the thermostat and enjoy the cool air as it flows through the vents.

Improved Comfort

One major benefit of upgrading your cooling system is improved comfort. When your AC can’t keep up with the rising summertime temperatures, you’ll find yourself uncomfortably warm within your own home. Instead of sticking your head into the freezer and wasting a lot of energy, contact a reputable local HVAC company to learn more about an upgrade. Newer units contain a number of technological advancements that produce more effective cooling throughout your entire home. 

If your home has hot spots that never seem to cool down even when the AC is running, talk to your technician during the initial consultation. They can take a closer look at the duct system to determine what might be causing the hot spots and come up with a plan to keep every square inch of your home more comfortable this summer.

More Efficient Operation

The innovations and advancements in the HVAC industry are apparent in the improved efficiency of newer heating and cooling units. If your system is more than a decade old, it is likely to be operating inefficiently, which can cost you more than necessary in monthly utility bills. Efficiency refers to how easily the system can move heated or cooled air, so an HVAC system that has to work harder uses more energy. As a result, your costs creep up every month, leading to potentially jaw-dropping bills during the summer months when your cooling system is running more often.

Your HVAC technician can provide you with some options when installing a new air conditioner in your home. HVAC systems have efficiency ratings, which helps you know how well each can move the air. Units with higher ratings are more expensive, but they can save you money in the long run.

Saving Money

It might seem counter intuitive that an investment in a new air conditioning system can actually save you money, but you will definitely notice an immediate difference in your monthly bills. This is especially apparent when you’re replacing an old, inefficient unit with a newer, higher-rated air conditioner. Your bills will go down within the first few months of use since the system won’t need as much energy to produce and circulate cool air. 

In addition to the cost savings on your monthly energy bills, taking the plunge and getting a new air conditioning system can also help you save on repairs. An older unit tends to require repairs more frequently. Repeatedly having an HVAC technician come to your home to work on your old system can quickly add up, which means you could end up spending more on the repair work than if you had installed a new system from the start. 

An inefficient and outdated air conditioning system can often be an expensive liability, so it’s smart to consider upgrading with our team of HVAC experts at Skelton’s by calling (205) 289-3413 before the hottest months of the year are upon us.

If you’re in need of a new air conditioner, consider upgrading before the summer hits to take advantage of a number of appealing benefits.

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