UV-AIRE® Air Purification System

UV-Aire uses the energy from a specially designed, high-intensity UV-C lamp to reduce microorganisms in the entire home as they cycle through the HVAC system. attached to the ductwork, the UV-Aire sterilizes or kills most contaminants as they pass the lamp.

UV-Aire will also kill germs and mold that breed in drain pans and A-coils. Properly positioned, an ultraviolet system can significantly reduce the indoor air contamination and prevent the growth of new microorganisms, keeping the A-coil clean and operating efficiently.

The treatment of indoor air with ultra-violet radiation has been successful in heakth care facilities, food processing plants, schools, and laboratories. It is safe, silent and proven.

Since direct exposure to UV light can cause skin cancer and blindness, the most practical application is to install UV in the main supply or return duct of any central heating or cooling system. This is an ideal location since the air in the home or office will pass through the HVAC system 40-75 times a day in continuous fan mode.

UV's effectiveness is directly related to a microorganism's exposure time.

With a UV-Aire mounted in the HVC duct, cumulative exposure can be very effective in controlling indoor bacteria, mold, viruses, and other microorganisms.


Filter Systems Alone Can't Solve the Problem

The majority of indoor air is conditioned by forced-air heating and cooling (HVAC) systems.

HVAC systems are a dark and damp breeding ground for mold and bacteria, particularly at the filter and air conditioning coil. The buildup of matter on the A-coil and filter can significantly reduce the efficiency of the appliance by constricting and reducing air flow. This means increased cost to the homeowner in addition to the risk of airborne pollutants.

Air filters are a great first step, but are ineffective in trapping germs, as most particles are simply too small, passing through the porous filter.

UV-Aire, in combination with a quality filter, turns any forced-air system into a whole house air purification system.

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