It's that time of year again. The temperatures outside are climbing and the ones inside your home aren't much better. Are your air ducts ready for summer? An energy-efficient air conditioning unit isn't going to do much good if the air ducts that carry that cool air throughout your home are in tip top shape

According to, 20% of the air that starts out through your ducts is lost through leaks, holes, or improperly connected vents. So, how do you know if your air ducts need to be repaired?

  • Visual examination - Your ductwork may not have been installed properly from the get-go. Check to see whether the ducts are aligned and sealed snugly. Just because a home is relatively new, doesn't guarantee that the job was done right.

  • A central air system that makes a lot of racket - A noisy system could indicate that your ductwork is undersized. A test by a licensed HVAC technician could pinpoint the problem. He or she could then recommend the correct ductwork size for your system.

  • Is your home perpetually dusty? - Unless you live in the desert or are reliving the Dust Bowl, you shouldn't be putting up with excessive dust in your home. If you believe you are seeing too much dust, it could signify leaky ductwork. Not only can leaks let air out, but they can let dirt and dust in. Repairing the ducts can help.

  • Mold - If you notice a musty smell in your home, especially coming from your air ducts, you may have a problem with mold. Mold can be a hazard to your family's health. If you suspect mold, you should have your air ducts checked right away.

  • The Goldilocks syndrome - Are some rooms of your home too hot, some too cold, while others are just right? Your HVAC ducts could be the culprit.

  • The age of your home - Your air ducts made need repair or replacement if your home was built 10 or more years ago. As a matter of fact, homes built before 1977 may have ductwork that contains asbestos.

Skelton HVAC Technician Repairing Air Duct

If you're unsure whether your home's air ducts need repaired, it's wise to have an HVAC technician come to your home to test them. First, pressure sensors will be installed in the ductwork. Then a blower fan will be used to pressurize the air ducts. The technician will be able to tell how much air is leaking out by using an air flow sensor.

Air duct repair can be important not just to your wallet, but to your family's health too. Skelton's Heating and Air Conditioning techs can give you peace of mind. Let them help you get the air flowing today.

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